On-site mulching by hand or varying size articulated loaders to feed mobile chippers which turn branches into mulch.

Vegetation Removal

We carry out small scale vegetation clearance for battle-axe blocks through to large scale clearance works.

Beavers has varying types of machinery depending on the size of the job and access levels.

Roadside Clearance

Used to create line of sight for car vision by removal or thinning of vegetation, create 4.5m over road clearance to prevent vehicle damage, off road to create clearance from road edge outwards. Beavers use a specially build machine that uses a hedger head for consistent distance cutting and does not throw material and squirrels.

Firebreak Creation and Maintenance

Small and large scale firebreaks are created.

Be Bush Fire Aware/Bushfire Prepared

We perform clearance pruning around houses to make them bush fire ready especially in the hills areas.

Large Scale Tree Removals by Tub Grinding

Beavers owns and operates a tub grinder for large vegetation mulching and large vegetation removal especially useful in land clearing.