Trees Eating Trees: Mulch Helps Us Help Nature Help Itself

Is it cannibalism if a tree does it?

Of course, we here at Beaver Tree Services believe it’s not. Dead plants have fuelled live ones since the beginning of time. It is the power of nature- constantly renewing itself in an infinite loop. Today, this loop comes with spaces in between, and it is up to us to fill those gaps with the only thing that fits: plants.

Down to Earth

Not until we mulch them first, though. It works for us arborists the same way chum works for fishermen. Whenever we cut or prune a tree, we are left with truckloads of branches, leaves, and bark. Many people consider it waste, and to be fair, it generally is. The age of firewood is over, so the only way to make use of these tree shavings is to mulch them.

By grinding the wood into finer bits and pieces, it becomes easier for new plants to absorb them. Rotting wood gives off carbon, which plants love. The mulch itself provides a protective layer above the plant’s roots. These are the primary benefits of mulch use, among many others.

The Daily Ground

Mulch can be spread, buried, or patted down on the edges of an existing tree. This supplies nutrients to the roots and absorbs extra moisture for the tree when rainy days become few and far between.

Mulch is more common than you might think. Potted plants, garden beds, walkways, shrubberies and house foundations benefit from this natural material. Even bonsai growers are seeing the benefits of naturally composted mulch.

They mix it with soil and other material to create the perfect place for their miniature trees to grow. From the gigantic to the ones you can hold in the palm of your hand, trees grow best when fed with nature’s ultimate provider: themselves.

Not all mulch is made the same way, though. To reach their full potency, crumbled wood must be allowed to decompose for several months. Unlike other sellers who add potentially-harmful chemicals in order to speed up this process, we here at Beaver Tree Services do it the natural way. Not only does every single twig find its way to our mulch depot, our product is 100% chemical free, because caring cannot exist without patience.

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