Tree lopping is the practice of trimming different sections of a tree (e.g. shortening trunks, cutting away branches, etc.) In Australia, there are two clashing opinions about this practice — others feel that tree lopping is beneficial, while others believe that the practice should be avoided whenever possible.

Those who say that the practice should be avoided know that the process involves the cutting or grinding of all branches of the tree without considering its health, as well as other factors. In some cases, the tree will add new growth, but this new addition would be very poorly attached to the tree.

While we do not endorse tree lopping, we understand that it is necessary in some cases. Extremely large trees, for instance, can accidentally cause damage to properties, or worse, harm people around it when cut down. Imagine cutting the tree through the trunk, only to find the top portion break off and land on your property.

The only reliable way of reducing the risk of that happening is to call professional tree loppers in Perth, WA, such as Beaver Tree Services, to take care of the task. We have been lopping trees for years and have all the necessary experience.

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